Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Friends

The word "Friends" can mean so many different things to so many different people. It's one of the words that can be said without any strings attached. If you say you are friends with someone, what does that really mean? The problem is there isn't any real rules on friendship, they are really limitless. It can be a great word though when you have a friend that you really hit it off with and the relationship is what both parties are looking for in a friend. For example, I have an aunt who is my best friend. She would do anything for me without even been asked and I for her. This is one type of friend and relationship. Then I have two best friends...they are married to one another. They also are the types of friends that I will talk to at least once a week and see at least every other week. They are the type of friends that would also do anything for me. We have friends from when we were children and never saw them again. There are friends we don't talk to for months on end, but when we do it is as if you haven't missed a day. Friend can be a very pleasant word and can bring amazing company and comfort. Until you come across the word "Friend" when it is put in place of girlfriend. This can be a tough one sometimes. You find that one who just makes you quiver all over from you lips to you hips and everywhere. The one when they say, "you are my friend" your heart breaks in two, not because they aren't friend worthy, but because friend isn't enough to fill the desire you have for them. But as people we accept less if that's what we need to do to keep someone special in your life. Being friends and know they are with another doing things with them that you wish they were doing with you-kissing, holding hands, making love, cuddling, talking all the time, sleeping next to one another, waking up in each other's arms, eating together, making plans for the future-makes the friends a sad word. Though we do what we have to do. Friends?...Friends?....Friends/...ok then Friends. But one must remind the other that they want to hear nothing absolutely nothing that is going on in the other relationship (not to be a bad friend, but the pain is too much). "If you love something let it go, If it comes back to you it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was." Well then let fate work it's magic hands, but while it does, I will be working on making some new "Friends".

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