Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stake in the heart...need a Band-Aid!

Last night I took a stake through the heart. I was told in a very nice way that the chance of my happily ever after with the man from my last post is about the same chance as I have to winning the lottery. But it is what is it and I cannot hold on to an almost. An almost means it is truly over. Last night I also walked into my best friends' house (husband and wife-who am closer to both of them just like we were all siblings). He is probably one of the closest guy friends I have ever had in my entire life. He's amazing to talk to and a great listener. Well last night after the stake had pierced my heart, I walked into their place trying to avoid eye contact with those I was with. But as I was standing in the kitchen, he (my "bro") came in and looked at me and saw "the blood dripping from my heart" and just hugged me so hard. I cried very hard and no one else really knew what was going on, but just let bro handle it. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for soaking up the "blood", "sweat", and tears. I have many woman in my life who are just as amazing and wonderful and ALWAYS there for me, but sometimes having that male view is just a little different. Trust me, he doesn't sugar coat anything. We took the conversation outside as the blood started to dry just a little from the terrible stab. He and I have some things in common, when it comes to broken hearts. Though broken hearts are out there, just like there are cars on the roads. But sometimes we don't looked passed the pain in our own hearts. The pain that makes it hard to breathe. Wow...only one month...was I in love? Sorry side tracked...I was writing in appreciation for a guy who put all is crap to the side to help his "sis" try to fill some of the voids within the chambers of her heart. To him.....THANK YOU!!! Though he was unable to completely heal the wound..that will take some time...he made me realize that I cannot drive the stake in and out and in and out. I need to take it out, wipe up the blood, and put a Band-Aid on it and let it begin to heal.

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