Saturday, February 19, 2011

Digital Destiny

Digital Destiny or otherwise known as online dating. Wow! Can you believe that you can write a few words, click a few buttons, sometimes pay a small fee and you have yourself a catalog of possible mates. Not only are there mates after mates, but there are sites after sites. That's a lot of mates. Back in the day before online dating and the Internet, the amount of mates for choosing was much more limited. There were the boys/girls down the street. There were the boys/girls you went to school. with. There were the ones you met at the bar or poetry class. But now, the pool of mates has stretched the world. Now that we have the endless amount of choices, have we increased our chances of meeting our destiny mate? With the world at our fingertips, are we more likely to find the "one and only"? In thinking about this, the common answer would be, "of course". Having more choices and more opportunities the more likely to find what you are looking for. Right? However, on the other hand, what if having so many choices and so many opportunities causes us to pass right over the "one and only". While looking for the perfect mate, with the right look, the right income, the right family values, the right all, we get so comfortable with passing by someone because there are so many more to choose from. Are we too quick to say "no", knowing that the pool is full of much more fishes than in the past. We could have "closed" or "deleted" a match without even considering that he/she might just be the one. When you have more choices, do we become more picky in what we are looking for. Are we looking for something too perfect? Don't we deserve to have exactly what we want? But what if perfect doesn't exist, no matter how many choices you have? Who really chooses your destiny? Is it up to the power of technology or does it truly come down to the most powerful antique instrument of all...your heart?

Monday, February 7, 2011

35 and Still Young at Heart!

Being a "Kid at Heart" could mean different things to different people. It could mean someone enjoys playing with children. It could mean someone likes child-like television or child-like games. It could mean they still play like a child or collect child-like toys or collectibles. It could just mean that someone is immature. Besides the latter of them (I hope not in a bad way anyway.), I happen to fit all these molds, so that means I must truly be a "Kid at Heart"-"Young at Heart". My career path has always been working with children. From being a PK teacher, to being a nanny to working for one of the best child care providers in the Nation, my careers have had a requirement of liking to work with children. I do. I really do. Children are so fun and exciting. Yes they can be tiring sometimes, but they are real. More real and true than adults. They are innocent and tell you how it really is. And when they tell you they love you, they really do. I enjoy playing with them and talking to them and love to hear the very interesting stories they tell. Of course sometimes they are very hard to understand, just makes it so much more fun. Then comes the child-like TV/Movies. OMG...One of my favorite movies of all times is The Corpse Bride and Beauty and the Beast. I also love any movie with a Cinderella theme. I still love The Flintstones and anything Disney. When a vacation comes around...Disney World  is my favorite place...though I must have my favorite aunt with me. It's just not the same without her. There are many other child-like movies I love as well. For example: The Game Plan, Enchantment, and all Christmas Movies. Games...I love games. It always fun to play like a kid. I love to forget that I am an the appropriate times of course...and let my inner child come roaring out. Just the other day, I celebrated my 35th birthday. To celebrate my birthday, I had my closest friends over for a "sleepover". It was great! We made a really cool fort. We made and ate yummy pizza. We also took some graham crackers, icing, and lots of different candies and made cool houses. We spent a lot of time on these to make them perfect. We had ice your own cupcakes as well. There was a cotton candy maker and easy bake oven ready for use, but the sweets were already getting to us. However, they will be used in the near future. We wore our PJs and even did our hair in a youthful way. Yes we had a blast acting like kids again and can you believe we did it ALL without the use of alcohol. Some may think this is dorky or whatever, but we didn't care. We had fun and remembered what it was like to be young and innocent. It's important to do these things sometimes so we don't forget that innocent and amazing feeling you have when you are a child. It's like Christmas. What's more exciting and magical believing or not? (Can refer to post below: Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause from December 13, 2010 for more information on this matter.) Now collecting toys or child-like items has become a passion of mine as well. I still have things from when I was five. I still have my Strawberry Shortcake dolls, all my Barbie dolls, and yes of course Cabbage Patch Kids. I keep them all. I have every doll that my parents gave me since I was a baby. I love dolls. (I was a typical girl.) I still collect dolls, though the dolls I collect now are not really playing dolls, but collectibles. Many think the things I save are junk or consider me a pack rat. I believe I am keeping my childhood alive in my heart. I will forever and ever hold this dear and near to my heart. So think about keeping your childhood alive and your heart young and next time you see a puddle jump in it.