Saturday, February 19, 2011

Digital Destiny

Digital Destiny or otherwise known as online dating. Wow! Can you believe that you can write a few words, click a few buttons, sometimes pay a small fee and you have yourself a catalog of possible mates. Not only are there mates after mates, but there are sites after sites. That's a lot of mates. Back in the day before online dating and the Internet, the amount of mates for choosing was much more limited. There were the boys/girls down the street. There were the boys/girls you went to school. with. There were the ones you met at the bar or poetry class. But now, the pool of mates has stretched the world. Now that we have the endless amount of choices, have we increased our chances of meeting our destiny mate? With the world at our fingertips, are we more likely to find the "one and only"? In thinking about this, the common answer would be, "of course". Having more choices and more opportunities the more likely to find what you are looking for. Right? However, on the other hand, what if having so many choices and so many opportunities causes us to pass right over the "one and only". While looking for the perfect mate, with the right look, the right income, the right family values, the right all, we get so comfortable with passing by someone because there are so many more to choose from. Are we too quick to say "no", knowing that the pool is full of much more fishes than in the past. We could have "closed" or "deleted" a match without even considering that he/she might just be the one. When you have more choices, do we become more picky in what we are looking for. Are we looking for something too perfect? Don't we deserve to have exactly what we want? But what if perfect doesn't exist, no matter how many choices you have? Who really chooses your destiny? Is it up to the power of technology or does it truly come down to the most powerful antique instrument of all...your heart?

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