Monday, August 29, 2011

Curve Ball

Just when I thought things were going to change....the pitcher threw a curve ball. Sometimes I think I would rather just be hit by the ball and advance to first base. This curve ball had  to come at such a bad inning. Things were looking good for the rest of the year. Still having to practice hard to win for the team, but now gotta play on two teams. So frustrated!!!! When one is spread so thin both teams will begin to suffer. I am not so happy about all of this and have been crying on and off for the last 2 hours. I am totally stressed out and unhappy. I know, I know, " There's no crying in baseball", but you want to know something? This really isn't about baseball. Curve balls come at us from all over and in all parts of our lives. But I am going to shine up my bat and hit a gosh darn GRAND SLAM!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angel are you there?

Tonight I am writing to my angel.
Dear Angel, Please open your wings tomorrow morning and sit be the one you know who will be going through a tough time. Sit with her and be there for her and make sure she's ok. She needs you tomorrow really badly so look over her the whole time, please. You could bring some of your friends as well. The more the better. Thank you. On another note, I think about you every day many times a day. I ate dinner with daddy tonight. It was nice...he seemed a little happy today. Sometimes I don't know what to do with him. I did try setting him up (never to replace you...please never think that, because NO ONE ever could) he is just so lonely. I don't like seeing him like that. I have another lady I thought about setting him up with, but don't want to have her not talk to him too and hurt him. Anyway I just wanted to express these feelings to you. I feel guilty about wanting daddy to find a companion, but I can't be everything for him. I am trying to live my life..that's a little hard too. Well I just wanted to say that I was thinking about you and wanted to ask you that little favor. Sweet dreams. Love Me.