Monday, November 4, 2013

Damsel in Distress

A long time ago a man was born with the power to reprogram the minds of others. As he aged into adulthood his passion deepened to take this talent to the next level. A man of such power is nothing less than a superhero. Superheros are characters we usually see in comic books or movies, but I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with such a legacy. I met my Superhero a while back and was swept off my feet like Lois Lane with Superman. It was chemistry at its finest. I have had been heartbroken once or twice in my life and had begin to not believe in the magic of love anymore. It starts to fade the more your heart is damaged. Hope and believe just fall by the waist side. My belief in happily ever after was gone. But Mr. Superhero, he changed me. He had super powers over me. He made me feel a certain magic that I had once believed in. He saved me, just like Superman, Ironman and his other fellow superheros. He once told me he always wanted to be a superhero. What little boy doesn't? What he didn't realize is that he was that, he was mine and others' who needed hope. He took movie night and made it fun and exciting, by adding props and costumes. What fun?! He sure had my number. Dancing in the living room was no longer just a dream. Making plans for the future became reality. Love was not even close to what I was feeling. "This is real?" "He loves me back, OMG this is amazing!!" We decided to look at a "bat cave" to reside side by side. My heart was on fire and more excited than ever before. My life finally had the future I dreamed of with the man of my dreams and a real-life superhero. I was set! But in every good superhero story, there is a villain. Sadly, this villain ripped my heart out. The villain is this story is circumstance. This superhero was not my superhero. He was a superhero of all. He couldn't help others being here with me and had to go back to his hometown, "Krypton". This move is now my kryptonite. My heart breaks over and over every minute of every day now. Though I know that even though my heart may never love like that again, so many peoples lives will be changed and minds will be free of agony, because of my villain. My villain is others' hope. Though it is selfish, my heart will always pray that one day the powerful and amazing superhero of the mind could move "Krypton" back to my heart. Usually superheros rescue damsels in distress, this time it is just not possible.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Choose Your Path

In life we are given choices, many choices. So many in fact that we can get so wrapped up in how many choices we are actually making that we forget we are in fact, making choices. We make a choice whether or not to get up when our alarms goes off. We make a choice whether to take a shower, every step of a shower including brands are choices. Then comes breakfast, what route you will take to work, if you will go to work etc. Choices, Choice. Choices. We don't always realize that we are making so many choices or that we do have a choice in everything we do. We don't always have a choice in the things that happen to us, but always in how we react to them. Our emotions make some of the choices for us, which makes choice making so much more complicated, because our emotions are irrational in some states. We don't think too much about our choices throughout our days really. It's not until a choice leads us down a road that leads to pain, rejection, hurt, disappointment, fear or heartbreak that we think, I wish I would have made another choice. Beating ourselves up about  a choice that caused us terrible feeling inside for days upon days, if not months upon years. We forget to give ourselves a pat on the back for the good choices we make throughout our minutes on earth. The ones where we choose to make someone smile, give a hug to a friend, give our time and effort, or even something as simple as choosing to stop at a stop sign. See now we start thinking about the right choices we make everyday all day. If we make a choice that leads  us down a road we don't approve, just remember the old choose your path books. These chapter books gave you choices and then led you down a certain path. If you didn't like the path you took, you were able to start the book over and choose different paths. Though we can't start our lives over or go back in time like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, we still can make new choices that can help us get on a more exciting and wanted path. Remember it's a choice to give up or continue. It's a choice if we want to settle for where we are from the choices we've made or make a choice to change and create the life that will give us joy and satisfaction.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Whom it May Concern,

To you

This may be a little long...sorry bout that...But i really wanted to defend my actions so i didn't seem crazy!! i do owe u an apology though! People walk into our lives for some reasons or another but when they walk out, they do it for a reason as well. These reason unknown or known are much harder to take. No desire to know!! You walked away with grace and kindness trying to hurt me in the least possible way u could. I saw it I really did but it was hard to take in. I think it's just when one has moments. Moments that set your heart on fire...they are hard to distinguish. I'm sorry I kept trying and trying to get those moments back they really are meant to be just memories. I have friends they jeep telling me "Sherri get over it!! It was just lust and wanting something u can't have that's all!! Get over it!!" In one way they are right, but in another they aren't. When I was there I felt a certain peace that I haven't felt in a while. I have a hard time finding that inside. A happiness that was real. I felt so comfortable being the real silly me...never really felt so like me that way before. It may have been ur home...I think it felt a little like the home I grew up for some reason and maybe that's why. Also they've never been movie kissed to understand they are real. I'm not crazy I just tried to hold on to the feeling. I thank u for letting me feel that way even it was for a short time. People tell it's not about the butterflies and fireworks but finding someone who will love u and be there for you. So I guess I'm jumping on the grown up train and of the childish one of eating cotton candy, catching fireflies, chasing butterflies, and watching the fireworks in my kisses. Thank u for giving me one last glimpse if that. I'm sorry I kept contacting u. Truly and sincerely I am. U deserve ur happiness too without the little girl in pigtails asking u to dance to MJ and chance the butterflies with her.  I promise to distance myself so I don't become annoying-maybe not forever!! Forever is too far away! Thank u friend for everything. Peace out!!! ✌