Monday, October 24, 2011

Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis Presley knew what he was doing when he put the words-heartbreak &hotel-together in a song. Sitting in a hotel room night after night all alone can really take a toll on someone's heart. It is much different than going to hotel for pleasure whether it be with friends, family or a special someone. Sometimes alone time is a good thing and we all need some alone time. But too much of something isn't always a good thing. Like Elvis sang, " (I get so) lonely baby, I get so lonely, I get so lonely, I could die". Seriously one could drive themselves completely insane sitting alone constantly. Also having to always be in a hotel week after week isn't that great for a love life either, once again Heartbreak Hotel. Right now I wish I were snuggling up with someone on the couch smiling at each other. Oh I know too mushy. Will my life of travel hinder me from finding someone to love me despite my hotel lifestyle. Will there be someone who can accept my travels as they are? Accept me as I am? I am not sure of all this. If it is not the traveling, it is the timing. If it's not the timing, it is another girl. If it's not another girl, it's just me. See sitting at the Heartbreak Hotel just gives one too much time to just think. Think about way too much stuff that one should not trouble themselves with. A king size bed waits for me tonight, but it will be empty. Maybe it's not just the Heartbreak Hotel that makes me feel this way. Maybe I have reached a point where I really just want to fall in love and be loved and have someone to lie next to me and hold my hand and kiss me every night before I sleep. Ahh...that sounds lovely. So instead of the Heartbreak Hotel, it would be a loving, hand holding, kissing sweet home.

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