Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The little sperm meets the teeny tiny egg.

Once upon a time (love when stories start out this way---it's just so fairytale like! I like to think that's where I am headed), a little over 35 years ago (oops---giving away my age---not good, not good) there was a little sperm that decided to take a swim down a long, dark, damp tunnel. To his surprise at the end was a sweet teeny tiny egg anticipating his arrival. He asked her to go for a swim and she said Ok sounds good to me. After a few minutes, they decided to make MAGIC. Little did they know they were creating not just a baby and not just a little girl that would grow into a young lady, but a person that would have scattered thoughts that would make it very difficult almost impossible to make any decisions (even what to eat for breakfast could cause some real stress). The little girl (scatterbrain-we'll call her SB for short) had a wonderful and amazing childhood. A childhood full of imagination, play, and wonder. Playing with her friends was an exciting time for her. She loved her friends to come and play, seeing as she was an only child. Though when friends had other plans, no worries, she had it covered. Jackson Ned, Adel, Bernie, the twins and many others would always come to SB's rescue. These guys were the best. They were true friends, life long friends, friends that were there no matter what. Though these friends didn't have a heartbeat, they were all heart. They did have a "tattoo" on their tushies though---it said their "daddy's" name. Yes they ALL shared a daddy. Maybe SB should get my mom's and dad's names on her tushie---nah too much pain, though there is a lot of cushion. Childhood was an incredible time. SB always felt bad Michael Jackson missed out on his, and he spent his whole adult life trying to have one. SB don't blame him.  Though she had a childhood, a wonderful one, that was so great, amazing, innocent, stress free etc: she has spent most of her adult life trying to get back to they way she felt when she was just a little girl. (side note: you all know that SB-scatterbrain- is me so I will refer to myself in the first person from now on.) Can you remember when you were young? What was it like for you? More will be shared about the adventures of SB and her "friends", but for tonight, as the stars twinkle and moon shines, dreams await.

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