Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First kiss = First blog

Throughout life we have a lot of firsts. For example: The first time we cry. The first time we smile. The first time we walk. The first time we talk. The first time we laugh. The first time we go to school. The first time we kiss. The first time we "you know". The first time we fall in love. Well this is my first time blogging. It's a weird feeling really. It's like....Well that's the problem. I cannot explain what it is like. It's so new and all. I decided to start my own blog to un-scatter my brain a little or let it be scattered by releasing some of the clutter once in a while. Is that alright? I hope so...I am one of those people that would best be described as a a big ol' question mark, because I just don't know...I don't know about anything. Where I am going? Where I want to go? Who to go with? What I want to be when I grow up? and I am getting a little older. I have learned that writing feelings/thoughts/ideas down that maybe roads/paths may open to where your destiny may lie. I am sure there are more scatterbrains out there. So if you are one. Enjoy The Diary of a Scatterbrain. However I promise nothing, no destination, no end, no conclusion, just me the scatterbrain with a brain full of well STUFF.


  1. I cannot wait to see where you go and who you go with!


  2. Thank you, very much! I totally appreciate you being the first to comment. Reading yours is just too funny as well!!

  3. I love your first blog SB! Just remember that if you are always worrying about finding your happy ending, you will miss out on enjoying the journey that is life!
    BTW, we are all scatterbrains. You are not alone.

    Love Ya!
    Linda Loo 2