Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's just a number...or is it?

123...Numbers are everywhere. Our lives can be controlled by numbers without us even knowing. Numbers can cause a lot of stess in each of us. There for numbers have some sort of meaning behind them. When it comes to age: number 16/18,means one can drive a car, number 21 represents the age one can't buy alcohol. When one hits the age of 30, one may start to stress if they haven't reached certain goals. At age 35, ones ability to have children drastically drops. At 40, well oh my getting up there. At age 50-MID LIFE CRISIS. When one hits the number of 65, Retirement. So numbers can have meaning. TV channels are numbers. Numbers, numbers everywhere. There are numbers we think about every month. For example, there are the numbers on one's paycheck. There are also the numbers on the checks we write to pay our bills. When the outgoing numbers start to out weigh the numbers coming in..can you say stressed. There are numbers that accumulate on our cars and when they get too high well then it's time for a new car...Stress. There are numbers everywhere, just everywhere. Our address is a number. We use numbers to reach those we love, by a phone call. Numbers, numbers, numbers. There are test scores, sport scores, movie and tv ratings-all numbers that affect people's destinations. There are numbers that can affect the life of people-the numbers that are read on a meter-blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse, white blood cells, and many more. Then there are the numbers that haunt some of us on a daily basis. Those numbers we look down on to when we step on the scale. One number higher, 5 numbers did this happen...Stress. Then there is the number that represents each of us, that is unique just to us, the number that is such a secret, yet our most important number-(yes our social). Numbers aren't just numbers. They affect us everyday.

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