Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Heart is Bleeding...Blue and White!

There is a lot going on this week, much sadness at the University where I once walked through the snow, the colorful leaves, the rain throughout the historic sites. A place where I went to class every day (yes I went to every class) and got a top notch education. A place where I felt safe as I walked through the amazing campus. A place that was a second home (first to some) to many people. A place where we had family. A man that once roamed our campus betrayed and violated children in the worst possible way. It is sick and so sad that this could happen in our community. As an alumnus, I sit back in pain thinking of the awful things these children had to go through. I feel for them and their families. My family is hurting as well (not to the extent I understand that). My school is being drug through the mud because of one monster and gang of cover upers. It is so sad, because we that once called this place "home" know that it is not what we truly stand for. We are much more than that. We are sad for the victims. We are...a family trying to pick up the pieces so it doesn't completely fall apart. Some of those looking in through the window do not truly understand. They think we are being selfish, because the children are the victims not us, TRUE...VERY TRUE. However when something bad happens in a family...it affects the entire family. It's like venom entering your hand...it spreads throughout your body. Also our "father" has been kicked to the curb for not doing enough. This has struck us all in our hearts. A man we all look up to for all his goodness and pride. How can this be? This cannot be my reality. It just can't. Others look down upon all of us who still show pride of our school. Is this not hate? Hate by association? Hate will not heal the victims. It won't. Kindness and generosity will not completely heal, but it will do more than hate. Please let the hate of the family be gone. Be disgusted with the one who deserves it, not the millions of others. We are passionate for a place we love and the people in it, that does not mean we condone the horrific behaviors of a few. My heart bleeds and though it is frowned upon by many...It bleeds Blue and white and always will and I will not be ashamed.

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