Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cherished Hugs

I have been traveling for almost 5 years now and have been in and out of airport after airport. Each airport has its unique set up, from how they set up gates and terminals. They vary in the number of gates and terminals they have, ranging from many like Atlanta and not so many like Jacksonville. Each one has its own unique hustle and bustle as well, or some the lack of. However, one thing I notice every airport I've been in from the Atlantic to the Pacific are the hugs that occur when passengers are saying a sad "goodbye" or an excited "hello" or a combination of these. I see anxious people waiting for that welcomed visitor about to arrive and the look in their face when the person they have been anxiously waiting for, finally arrives. Then you see parents sending off their child, maybe for the first time, off on their own to somewhere, probably more exciting then home. The hugs that are exchanged are real, but simple. Their tearful goodbye can be just a little heartbreaking, even without knowing them at all. Then there's the little kid waiting for grandma and grandpa and jumping up and down like a frog on speed. It's just so amazing to see. Ok so sometimes, I see these scenarios and well put my own voice over as to what is really going on. I don't know these people or anything or really know what's going on, but there's a little bit of thrill and life in just imagining and creating what just might be going on. Though there have been many hug waiting groups awaiting some one's return or arrival and scenarios made up by yours truly, there's one that stands out but far. I was arriving in Columbus OH and when I stepped off the Jetway, there were about 20 people with American Flags, flowers, balloons, and signs saying "Welcome Home". I wasn't trying to be nosey or anything but had to wait and see. Here a military man came off the plan and this "party" erupted into cheers and happy tears. I sat back quietly and cried. How can you not? A man risked his life for our country and his family had to part. To see him come home to his family and joy and relief in their eyes was just incredible to see. The hugs were true passion and love. It just makes you think how simple a hug can be, but can be so cherished. Someone doesn't need to leave on a jet plane to deserve a hug. I remember the last time I hugged my mom and even though I hugged her the last time I saw her, I would do anything to hug her just one more time!! Though I do dream about her and hug her there, but it's just not quite the same, but I will take this over nothing. You can't hug enough!! Hug every day! A hug can turn a frown into a smile and a tear into a dimple.

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