Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Big Red Truck ties the knot....

Tonight, I found out that my one crush (The Big Red Truck as I referred to him in previous posts) tied the knot with his one true love and though I do am really happy for him and wish him all the happiness forever...Seeing the words and the forever kiss struck my heart with an arrow and not one from cupid. Actually, I think cupid likes to play dirty tricks on me. He likes to shoot me ONLY when the timing is the timing with The Big Red Truck and when the guy won't be interested as in the Model, Unattainable Prince Charming and  The Perfect Daddy. But when a guy is interest, the arrows miss me somehow and I just don't get it. Well back to The Big Red Truck. Wow, only 7 months ago I was sleeping in your arms truly lost in the fairytale and thought it was the start of something incredible, but unfortunately my silence and traveling got in the way. There were times that he did tell me he loved me. The first guy ever to say it more than once, but I never trusted I could believe him. He was living with someone, in a relationship and well obviously on his way to the alter. So it must have all been a lie. So maybe things happened for a reason and I wasn't the one walking towards him on his wedding day, because some greater power was screaming "she's not the one". (If you read this, The Big Red Truck, I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart ( a little cracked) but still very sincere. Best wishes for your new life. Oh and you looked very handsome and truly happy. ) Once again, I am not one for a one I wanted!!!

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