Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love the one you with...Love the one that loves you...Nah love the one you dream about.

It's true your love life would be so much easier if you could just love the one that your with. The person is already here. You have conquered the most challenging by finding the person. They are there right with you. There is no need to go out and look for someone else. There isn't anyone saying, "aren't you married yet?"  "When are you gonna find someone?"  The person is already there, right there, right in front of you. No more clubs, bars, dating sites, none of it. It's already done. You have captured the feat and found someone, so love them. It's the easy thing to do. People would stop bugging you. You can stop the search if you just love the one your with. Better yet Love the one who loves you. Wow! Someone loves you deeply and ready to give their all. All their love, body, and soul. You have someone who loves you unconditionally no matter what. No matter if you change the color of your hair or cut it short. Someone to love you no matter the size of your clothes. Someone to love you even with stretch marks, bed print marks on your face, and even bad morning breath. Someone to wake up next to every morning who smiles at you and says how much they love you, every day. Someone who will do anything for you no matter what. This is an easy way to go as well. No stress about finding someone to love you. They are there every morning every day. This is it then, the choice love the one who loves you. Is this the right way to love. There is no right way to love. Love is right, no matter what way it occurs. Loving another is special and sometimes rare. So love when you can, but don't let your heart settle. I believe that the first two are fine and someone could be truly happy with loving these ways. However, I am someone who can't just love the one I'm with or love the one who loves me. I have tried, tried very hard. I have failed. I couldn't get myself to do so. It didn't feel the way I always dreamt about. Since I was a little girl I have dreamt of my life and what it would be like and when it came to love, I dreamt of a fairy tale. I know, you're all saying, but that's ridiculous. Fairy Tales are for the movies, books, stories, make believe. Well I truly believe that the true love portrayed in these movies, books, and stories does exist. I believe that one can have the love they always dreamed about, even if they have to wait a lifetime to find it. I am willing to wait for as long as it takes. I know that there will be moments, even days where things might not be so peachy, but I long to love this way, all the butterflies. I want if all. I want to feel the MAGIC.

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