Monday, January 30, 2012

Plastic Surgery

Yes, I would like plastic surgery. I would like a light switch type device added to my head, so that I could turn my mind off and on as needed. For example during the day while I am working and having to be thinking I can turn my mind on, but when it is time to sleep I can flip that switch off and drift off into a peaceful sleep. There would be an automatic timer on it, of course, so that it would turn on at a specific time. In case of an emergency the switch would be deactivated. I know crazy, but hey it just might work to help me sleep and stay asleep. I could also use it when I just don't want to think about the crazy things that my mind wonders off too that cause pain or sadness. Speaking of controlling the heart's emotions, while at the plastic surgeon, I would like to get an intensity dial added to my heart. This way I could turn down the intensity of my feelings or dial them up as needed. I think that I would keep this dial at a low setting at all times. As of right now, my heart always seems to be set at the highest possible setting. It's way to heartbreaking all the time. Wow, if only medical technology were this advanced. I could have ALL the control.

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