Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The MANY paths not taken...

There are different paths we all choose to take. We may take the path to raising a family. We may take the one that takes us to College. The path towards our successful career may be the striving path we take. We may just take the path towards a life at the beach. Some may take the path to destruction. Paths can get very confusing. There are so many and they go in so many directions. Some can even take you in circles or on a long journey to nowhere. It's crazy these paths are. Then once a path is chosen another infinite number of paths just appear. Now what? Oh man I have to choose another path. Paths are what makes life just a little more interesting though. Don't they? Though sometimes I like to think that if there was just one straight narrow path to choose, then I would be certain it was the right path, because it's the only one. But it's not that way, so we think to ourselves, What path do I want to take? So we  think of our dreams and what we want and figure out what path will lead us there. That's it. Well, I have thought about that quite a lot, so much in fact I think it has driven me a little crazy. I think I got off the paths some how and landed on some psycho merry go round that goes round and round and round. It never stops long enough for me to get off.  I think I feel a little dizzy. I think what my problem may be is that I have so many dreams and each dream requires a different path. I can never decide which one I want more. Which one is a more appealing path with the least amount of road construction? I don't know. I like them all. I want them all. But if they require different paths, which could be long paths, how do I do all of them. How can I be on more than one path at the same time while trying to make a living, oh and sleep? These dreams are important to me, but I have been so confused on which path I want to follow that I have just stopped and am waiting for the answer to appear. However, while I wait, time isn't stopping for me. It keeps going and going. On another note though, I did take the college path which was one of the best decisions ever. But why can't all my dreams be reachable by just one path? Why do I have to choose? And if I don't have to then how do I do it all? How do I follow all the paths? Some of the paths may close soon and then that dream is finished. I like dreaming about the amazing things we can do. It's over whelming, so over whelming that I am stuck. Stuck in the middle of many paths on a merry go round:  an endless ride. I need to stop this ride and make a decision, but it's these decisions that scare me. I guess I feel if I don't choose any, I don't have to give up any of the others and can still dream about them. Well may the ride at least slow down so that my head can stop spinning so my brain can focus. Who knew taking a path could be so complicated? If only there were GPSs for the destination of dreams. One more thought to end the night: Whatever path taken, just remember there is always a detour.

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