Saturday, October 13, 2012

Danger Zone

I am officially in the danger zone. Just thinking of him makes my heart ache so much. The memories that were made were so special and amazing and knowing they have officially come to...oh the word is so hard to say, but yes I believe they have come to an end. The Perfect Daddy was not just a Perfect Daddy, but someone who I truly believed was perfect for me. The only problem is that I wasn't perfect for him. Though some of the moments really made me believe that I might just have been able to be. He was tender and sweet and movie kissed me. He kissed me with so much passion (well that's what I truly thought it was). I was taken into another realm. A realm that had so much happiness that I could barely breathe. My eyes were blinded by the fireworks. One time he actually made a firework movement with his hands. Yes, It was all just too amazing and wonderful. More than I could have ever created in my own little vivid imagination. And let me tell you that my imagination could have created a scenario that would make Cinderella's story seem lame. It was magical. It made me believe in all those storybook lines....Once upon a time....true love...butterflies and fireworks...magic.. love potions...fantasies....real life fairy tales...and they lived happily ever after. Well though I was wrong and am left broken hearted I can't stop believing that these all really do exist. I will never settle. Maybe that makes me selfish I don't know, but I know what it feels like to believe in true love and have butterflies and see fireworks and now I am tainted and cannot fall in love without them. So I will let myself be sad for just a little, then I will put belief in all that is possible, the magic and all. No matter what anyone tells me or tries to steer me in another direction. I will wait for the real thing. I will wait for my own fairy tale, even if it takes me my entire lifetime to find it. Find the two-way magic love.

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